Frequently asked questions

What’s the best way to stay informed about upcoming rides in the Iowa region?

Well, you’re here so that’s a good start! We typically communicate information in the following ways:

  • Here on the web site in the events listing. Click on the event you’re interested in and it will have more details about the ride including information about the route, whether lights or reflective gear are required, start time, etc.
  • I post ride announcements to the google group Joining the group gives you the ability to choose how you’d like to receive communications: via a direct email, a digest or not at all. This last choice means you must remember to periodically check the group.

I signed up for a ride but have decided not to ride, can I get a refund?

That depends. If I cancel a ride I will give a full refund to all registered riders.

If you just decide you don’t want to or are not able to do the ride, if you let me know a week in advance I’ll happily give you a refund. After that, there are no refunds. Although our fees are minimal and the loss of your registration probably won’t break the bank, we do incur expenses with each ride. Although my time isn’t worth much, it is worth something and rest assured the few dollars you might lose on a registration fee will be put to good use (scouting routes, paying for this web site, developing new routes and so on).

I’m a free spirit and have a hard time committing. What’s the latest I can register for a ride?

Registration for all rides closes 24 hours before the ride starts.

I signed up for a ride on a day with two distances offered and decided to do the shorter/longer one. Can I change?

Yes, but things are a bit different with everything being electronic.

Back in the day, I brought extra brevet cards and cue sheets for all distances and could use the extras for people who changed their minds. Now, with everything being electronic here’s what you need to do (or have done):

    1. You’ll need to have (or be able to get) the route you want to ride on your GPS. I no longer bring paper cue sheets so the GPS is your only navigation option.
    2. You need to notify me BEFORE YOU START RIDING that you’re doing a different ride. You can’t e.g., start the 300K, decide you’re not feeling it and switch to the 200K.

I finished the ride, now what?

It’s time for you to certify that you have completed the brevet according to the rules and within the time limit. Have a look at this page for full details.