About Iowa Randonneurs

The Iowa Randonneurs region was founded by Robert Fry in 2008, running brevets out of Waterloo, IA. Prior to that time, Robert ran the same brevets starting in 2002 under a local club, Cedar Valley Cyclists. Robert’s last year as RBA for Iowa Randonneurs was 2011, at which point he handed things over to Greg Courtney. Greg started as RBA in the 2012 season with new brevet routes out of Ames and served through 2022 – many thanks to Robert and Greg for their long service as RBAs!

Greg Smith took over as RBA beginning in December 2022 with the goal of continuing the great work that Robert and Greg C. had done but also to develop new routes and rides for the region. We thank Greg Smith for all of the work setting up the new Iowa Randonneuring region capabilities.

Steve Polyak has lived in Iowa since 2002 and is an experienced all year rider. Steve stepped into the role of RBA in September 2023. The region will have a strong emphasis on involvement from randonneurs throughout Iowa to maximize both the number of rides on the calendar and the roads we explore.

Let’s work together to make this great!